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Thinking about buying a Ford or a Ram pickup truck? Before making your final choice, think about coming down to Mark Moats Ford and take a look at our wide selection of used trucks. Oftentimes buying used will allow you to get into a truck today without breaking the bank. In fact, we have a handful of used trucks for under $10k that are well worth a second look.

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Used Trucks For Sale in Defiance, OH

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Maximize Your Budget

Choosing a Ford-150 or a RAM 150 that is a few years old is an easy way to knock a couple of thousand off the sticker price without giving up the comforts that come with a new car. You may even find that some of the older RAM 2500 or 3500 models had features that are highly desirable to you. That is why we encourage all of our customers to come down to the lot to test drive cars at Mark Moats Ford near Hicksville, OH. Over and over again we work with customers who are surprised to find just how much they fall in love with a truck that they didn't even have on their shortlist in Defiance, OH.

Cut the Depreciation Rate

One of the harshest things about buying a new car is the depreciation rate. New cars simply don't hold their value after a few months of life. The same is not true of an F-150 or a Toyota Tacoma. Used trucks, especially well-known models like the F-150 retain their value much better than a new model of the same range. Instead of losing thousands during your first year of ownership, if you purchase a solid used truck it will likely hold its value. When you look at the overall investment of a new truck, it's not a bad idea to go used. Plus, we offer both parts and services at our dealership so if you ever need a repair, you don't have to go searching all over Ottawa, OH for help. Give us a call today and see what we have on our lot for you.

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