Haul Extra Weight in a Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty draws regular interest at Mark Moats Ford. We recommend this substantial pickup to many blue-collar drivers at our friendly dealership in Defiance. With its power, the Super Duty tows more than other pickups.

Ford supports the Super Duty with high-strength steel where other pickups lack it. This model's fully boxed frame is 95% steel, so the Super Duty is simply stronger than its competitors. You can tow up to 21,000 pounds on the Super Duty's rear hitch. If you drive a diesel Super Duty, your towing capacity jumps to 24,200 pounds.

To increase you Super Duty's towing capacity by 50%, you can add a gooseneck-shaped setup to its bed. This attachment lets you easily pull heavy equipment on a flatbed trailer or large livestock inside a covered one. In a diesel Super Duty, you'll possess up to 37,000 pounds of gooseneck-style towing capability. You can obviously tow a wide array of things with your new Ford Super Duty.


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