The tough features in the all-popular Ford F-150 are aptly named. They contribute to the full-size pickup's power and durability. They make this truck ideally suited for driving in any environment.

It holds its own well in challenging road conditions thanks to its military-grade aluminum and steel frame. This frame features the same durability and power found in military vehicles. It makes the F-150 one of the most powerful trucks out there. The powerful body is paired with the truck's all-steel frame. This frame can go over rocky mountain trails and bumpy, gravel-filled construction sites without denting and causing the truck to roll or crumple.

The all-new F-150 from Ford also comes with off-road technology that lets you choose what kind of power to give to the drive train. You can switch from regular driving mode to sport or hauling and towing, for example, to give power for towing thousands of pounds.


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