The Ford Mustang Features an Incredibly Designed Exhaust System

The Ford Mustang is a popular performance car here at Mark Moats Ford that has plenty of interesting and high-technology specs for you to learn about. Like the exhaust system for example; the engineers at Ford went the extra mile to put an exhaust on the Ford Mustang that sings an ancestral note designed to make an emotional connection with the driver.

Adjust the Volume How You Like It

We're not talking about the stereo system either. In the Ford Mustang, you can flip a switch and tune the volume of the exhaust to louder and quieter settings.

Hear the Mustang Roar at Mark Moats Ford

Our dealership in the Defiance area is the best place to start up the Ford Mustang and listen to its unique sounding exhaust system. And after you've got it all warmed up you might as well take it for a test drive and learn what Ford performance is all about.


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