Driving Aides in the Ford F-150 Truck

Tough on the outside and comfortable inside, the Ford F-150 flaunts class-leading features in the mechanical and electronic categories. You could ask Mark Moats Ford about the patented technological amenities that are optional in this light-duty pickup truck.

Regardless of your experience in towing, the Ford F-150's Pro Trailer Backup Assist creates valuable cues. This segment-exclusive technology comes with an electronic dial that precisely governs the motion of the car and a connected trailer. There aren't any switches to toggle or levers to pull, a simple knob directs the movement of the trailer.

If you want additional visual guidance for backing up with a trailer, use the Dynamic Hitch Assist. Capturing 360-degree views, an HD camera stitches composite multiple images on the SYNC 3 touch screen. You can simultaneously look at rear and aerial views on the display. Every corner of this light-duty pickup truck is visible on the monitor.



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