How Do You Activate the FordPass System in the 2019 Ford Focus?

Ford introduced a unique system in the Focus that works with SYNC Connect through your smartphone called the FordPass system. The system allows you remote access to your vehicle through a mobile Wi-Fi system allowing you to lock and unlock the car, remote start, and even schedule automatic start-up times.

To connect your smartphone to SYNC Connect, download the free FordPass application to your smartphone via Google Play Store. Enter your Ford Account information. Create an ID or password and enter your vehicle information. Select Finish, then Activate. After activating, physically visit your car and start it. Touch Allow when your screen asks for permission to set up the communication system and wait as the system does the rest.

Visit Mark Moats Ford if you require any help setting up your FordPass system. Enhance your security by completing the FordPass system and maintain any updates.



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