The Ford Mustang Delivers on Handling

Many models stand tall among fans of sports cars. The Ford Mustang ranks as highly popular to these buyers. The way the model handles plays a big part in its popularity. Handling features with the new models do stand out.

Road conditions present a challenge to a vehicle's handling. Changing road conditions, in particular, create hazards. With the Mustang's MagneRide Damping System, a driver gains an assist when road conditions change. A ride retains a level of smooth handling thanks to this feature.

Braking power complements the Ford Mustang's handling. Driving a sports car isn't all about power and performance. The vehicle must stop when the driver presses the brakes. Ford developed significant braking power in the engineering of the Mustang. Of course, proper care and maintenance of the brakes becomes necessary to maximize performance potential.

Experience the handling potential of the Ford Mustang yourself with a test drive. The showroom at Mark Moats Ford has models for you to choose.



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