Time-Saving Technology Features Interwoven into the Ford Edge

The more that time goes on, the more that technology becomes interwoven into the way that we do even everyday tasks. More people are shopping online, and paying for your fuel with cash is becoming less common. Let's face it: there are just better ways to do things with technology. The Ford Edge, a popular midsize SUV, has technology features that can make many everyday activities just that much easier.

With the FordPass app, you can do all sorts of things simply by hitting a button on your smartphone. You can lock, unlock, and start your vehicle with your smartphone, which makes starting your car to let it warm up on a cold day that much easier. You can also pay for your gas with the FordPay feature.

The available Sync3 feature lets you connect with Amazon Alexa, which lets you shop on Amazon when you're in your vehicle. You can even compare fuel prices along the way to get the best deal.



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