Drive Smart in the Ford F-150

At Mark Moats Ford, we love to find vehicles that use technology to improve the driving experience. The Ford F-150 fits the bill — by integrating an array of intelligent tech, this popular full-size pickup truck keeps you safe on the road.

When you're backing out of a driveway or parking spot, the F-150's rear-view camera snaps into action. It broadcasts the scene behind your truck onto the dashboard display, so you have a clear view of objects, people, and other vehicles. That way, you can reverse with confidence at home or in busy areas.

Do you ever drive at night in Defiance, OH? With the F-150's auto high beams, it's easier to maintain safe visibility. They flip on automatically when the light is low; if they sense an oncoming car, they dim until the vehicle passes. See how this helps you focus on the road by coming in to our dealership to take the Ford F-150 for a test drive.

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