The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is Big in All of the Right Ways

Good things come in smaller packages. The 2019 Ford Transit Connect gives you everything you need to thrive. This utility vehicle comes with Auto Start-Stop Technology that lets you save money on gas. The feature works so that the vehicle's engine shuts off when the car is immobile. All of the features that you love, such as air conditioning and the radio, remain on while the engine takes a rest.

Another perk of the 2019 Ford Transit Connect is its towing capacity. This utility vehicle offers up to 2,000 pounds worth of towing capacity with the upgraded Trailer Tow Package. Of course, the Trailer Sway Control (TSC) comes standard with the new Ford Transit Connect. This technology is especially keen when you are hauling an extra load around town.

Small business owners often search for ways to save money. This utility vehicle by Ford can be the saving grace your heart desires.



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