Prevent Tire Blowouts by Proper Tire Maintenance

Underinflated tires can cause serious accidents when you are driving. The force of the escaping air can make the vehicle jerk and move unexpectedly and even leave the road. This is easy to avoid, however, by keeping the tires properly inflated at all times. Uneven tread wear, cuts and abrasions can also cause the tires to fail, but this can be prevented by regular tire checks.

Checking the tire pressure is very easy and only requires an analog or digital pressure gauge. Check the tires when they are cool and adjust the pressure according to the pressure listed on the door sill, the fuel door or the glove compartment. Having the tires properly aligned is also important because improper alignment can cause uneven tire wear.

Bring your vehicle in to our service center Mark Moats Ford in Defiance, OH, and we will check your tires thoroughly. We can provide this and any other service you may need quickly and promptly.

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